Biden to Appoint Acting Agency Heads Due to Transition Delays


WASHINGTON—President-elect Joe Biden intends to appoint acting agency heads across the federal government once he takes office because of delays to his transition and Senate consideration of his nominees, transition officials said Tuesday.

Mr. Biden’s transition team said career officials would be put in place at most cabinet departments and in some subcabinet agencies following his inauguration next week.

The move will enable Mr. Biden to prevent any of President Trump’s political appointees from staying at the helm of cabinet agencies past Jan. 20, as Senate committees have yet to hold hearings on the president-elect’s nominees, which precede a confirmation vote by the full Senate.

”Given the stakes—with our national security on the line, and lives and jobs being lost every day—further delay in moving forward with his nominees will only hurt the American people,” transition spokesman TJ Ducklo said. “That is especially true for nominees for secretary of state, defense, Treasury and homeland security. Congress must act now to have confirmed agency heads in place as soon as possible.”

Mr. Biden is expected to sign dozens of orders on his first day designating nonpolitical appointees to lead agencies on a temporary basis until his nominees are confirmed by the Senate, transition officials said.

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