Austin Powers trending as Twitter mocks Jeff Bezos blasting off in ‘penis-shaped rocket’

Jeff Bezos blasted off from Texas on Tuesday morning

Bemused Twitter users have been left in hysterics after spotting similarities between Austin Powers’ penis-shaped rocket and Jeff Bezos’ New Shepard.

In the American spy action comedy films, Austin Powers – played by Mike Myers – battles against his nemesis, a bald Jeff Bezos look-a-like named Dr. Evil.

Dr. Evil is famed for his flagship rocket which he uses to try and achieve world domination.

Unfortunately for him, it is shaped exactly like a penis – and internet jokers were quick to draw similarities to Bezos.

The Amazon-billionaire jetted off in the ground-breaking first crewed flight of his ship, marking a historic launch.

Jeff Bezos blasted off from Texas on Tuesday morning

But all eagle-eyed social media users could talk about was the uncanny resemblance the spacecraft had to the male member and Dr. Evil’s contraption.

One compared pictures of the two and quipped: “At least Richard Branson had an original design when he went to space last week.”

Others agreed and one joked: “There’s no mistaking the origins of this design”.

Whilst someone else laughed: “It should be called Blue Shaft.”

It comes as Bezos – the world’s richest person – took off from a desert site in West Texas, the US, onboard the New Shephard, designed by his company Blue Origin.

The 57-year-old was joined by his brother, Mark Bezos, and Wally Funk, an 82-year-old pilot who was banned from joining NASA decades ago because of her gender, and Oliver Daemen, an 18-year-old student.

They travelled to the edge of space on the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

So many internet users were pointing out the phallic similarities that Austin Powers started to trend on Twitter.

One took to the platform to write: “So everybody is making the comparison of Bezos’ Blue Origin Rocket to a penis.

Powers' rocket
Movie villain Powers also has a penis-shaped rocket

Do you see the similarities? Share your thoughts and see what others think in the comments below.

“Does that mean we will see Bezos’ penis at lift-off?”

Whilst another said: “Can somebody please just admit that Jeff Bezos rocket needlessly looks like a penis #Blue Origin.”

A third Twitter user commented: “Jeff Bezos is taking a giant leap forward today for penis-shaped rocketry.”

Austin Powers became a trending topic on Twitter due to the volume of jokes
Austin Powers became a trending topic on Twitter due to the volume of jokes

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The eccentric billionaire gave a thumbs-up sign from inside the capsule after landing on the desert floor.

He then stepped out, wearing a cowboy hat and blue flight suit, and gave company employees high fives.

Rival billionaire Richard Branson got to space first – in a non-penis shaped rocket – but Bezos flew higher – 62 miles (100 km) for Blue Origin compared to 53 miles (86 km) for Virgin Galactic.

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