Area 51 raid: What is the ‘Storm Area 51’ plan set to take place today?

Tourists have started to arrive at the

People living near the once-secret military research base Area 51 are preparing for an influx of people in the next few days.

Earlier this year more than two million people signed up to “storm Area 51” in a bid to “see them aliens”.

The Facebook event attracted so much attention US Air Force officials were forced to issue a warning to keep people away from the base.

Nellis Air Force Base said in a statement the Air Force is aware of the event, and “any attempt to illegally access the area is highly discouraged.“

The Nevada Area 51 Air Force facility has been the subject of conspiracy theories for decades.

Tourists have started to arrive at the ‘Storm Area 51 event’

What is the Storm Area 51 plan?

The “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” was made as a spoof Facebook event.

Those who signed up to the event intended to “storm” the secretive area on September 20, 2019.

Organisers of the tongue-in-cheek event called for people to storm the location between 3am and 6am.

The description read: “We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry.

Area 51 is a once-secret military base in Nevada
Area 51 is a once-secret military base in Nevada

“If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Lets see them aliens.”

However, one of the organisers of the event eventually had to speak out about their intentions.

An post was pinned to the event, explaining: “P.S. Hello US government, this is a joke, and I do not actually intend to go ahead with this plan.

“I just thought it would be funny and get me some thumbsy uppies on the internet.”

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