Antarctica mystery as Google Earth user spots weird disc jutting out from ice

Weird disc found in Antarctica

A Google Earth user has spotted a huge mysterious disc-shaped object sticking out from the ice in Antarctica.

The bizarre grey structure is the latest strange finding in Antarctica.

YouTube user Sandra Elena Andrade shared the video with the caption: “Mysterious images captured by Google Earth, arouse a deep interest and surprise in both the scientific and ufological environment.”

Zooming in on the “object”, it appears to be a huge semi-circle sticking out from the cliff face.

In recent years, a number of amazing discoveries have been made in Antarctica.

The baffling disc was discovered in Antarctica

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Google Earth mysteries

As some of the icy continent thaws, a number of mysteries and puzzles are being revealed.

Google Earth has been an important element for different researchers to make some of these discoveries.

In the video, it is clear that the structure is not natural.

Because of Antarctica’s remote and barren landscape, there is huge interest in the possibilities of what the frozen continent could be hiding.

Earlier this month, one Google Earth user spotted a “UFO” in Antarctica hovering over the snow.

YouTube user MrMBB333 uploaded the clip of what appeared to be an object hovering over the side of a hill.

“Something looks like it is floating in the air between the rocky embankment and the steep wall of ice,” he said in the video.

Weird disc found in Antarctica
What could the disc be?

In October this year, another Google Earth user discovered a “giant skull” poking out of Antarctic ice.

The bizarre clip, uploaded to YouTube, seemed to reveal the skull – measuring 24feet long – laying on top of the ice.

YouTube conspiracist Florida Maquis – who put up the video – said: “Some of these images, I have spent hours and hours finding.

“I go days without finding anything but once in a while, you come across something like this.

“This unmistakable shape of a giant skull just laying on the ice and it makes it all worth it and then I can share it with you guys.”

Weird disc found in Antarctica
The huge grey structure juts out over the Antarctic ice

While in August this year, an “alien face” was spotted in Antarctica by a Google Earth user.

Instagram conspiracy channel ufo_scandinavia uploaded the weird footage showing the gigantic face appearing to rise out of the snow.

Blake Cousins, sharing the footage on his thirdphaseofthemoon YouTube conspiracy channel, said: “It appears to be a massive, ancient structure of some kind of face that is being revealed for the first time on Google Earth.

“I would have to concur that whatever we’re looking at resembles some sort of megastructure.”

Brother Brett Cousins then asks in the video: “Could this be something that was left behind by the ancient civilisations of Antarctica?”

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