‘Angel’ video: Creepy moment ‘dark angel’ comes down to Earth with family terrified


THIS is the chilling moment a dark human-like figure is filmed floating down towards Earth – leaving a family terrified.

The footage was recorded in Burbank, California in the US by a disturbed bloke. 

In it, an object is seen floating past the tree tops and beyond one of the houses. 

The man initially asks “is that Jesus Christ?” before asserting in Spanish: “It’s a man.”

He adds: “It went behind the tree and I can’t see it no more.” 

BIZARRE: An object is seen floating past the tree tops and beyond one of the houses (Pic: YOUTUBE)

Another person suggests: “You don’t think that’s balloons do you?” 

One person who shared the video said: “I believe that this could be a Fallen Angel as how creepy it looked especially when it went out of view.” 

Another hit back: “It’s balloons, you can see it when he zooms on it – when it goes down.”

Earlier this year, another so-called angel was spotted hovering in the sky above the US

“Is that Jesus Christ?”


A curious limo driver snapped a picture of the cloud formation on March 5 over New Windsor, New York.

The driver, known only by the name “John”, sent conspiracist Youtube channel “MrMBB333” the image after believing he saw a “giant bird or angel”.

In the newly uploaded video, the conspirator shares a closer shot of the unconfirmed pigment in the sky.

He states: “That’s not a typical bird, it’s too far away. It’s too big to be a bird and you can’t even see it from the ground.”

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