American Airlines UFO mystery has ‘happened before’ as baffling sightings emerge

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A major airline has sensationally confirmed one of its Airbus planes had an encounter with a “UFO” – and it turns out it’s not uncommon.

The American Airlines pilot described the object that shot just above Flight 2292 on February 21 as “long and cylindrical” and almost looking like a “cruise missile”.

No weapons tests were reported in northwestern New Mexico where the plane was flying, although the US military’s White Sands Missile Range is nearby and even the FBI has started an investigation.

It is not the first time a pilot has reported an unidentified object, or unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) and there are numerous witness accounts and videos of mystery objects trailing planes.

Daily Star has found some of the oddest unexplained sightings that have proved to be real head-scratchers.

An alleged ‘UFO’ filmed near a plane’s condensation trail in Cathedral City, California

Mystery object inspects ‘chemtrails’

A strange video, playable at the top of this page, shows a white and spherical-looking object flying close to the condensation trails left by a plane above Cathedral City, California.

The white orb, which could be a drone or a weather balloon, moves at a slow and steady pace in the footage from December 11.

It is impossible to tell how close it is to the vapour trail, but many conspiracy theorists watching the footage on YouTube where it was uploaded by Hidden Underbelly 2.0 suggested it was “inspecting chemtrails”.

The chemtrails refers to an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory that chemical or biological agents are left in the sky by high-flying aircraft, for “nefarious purposes”.

Narrating the clip, the uploader said: “This video might surprise you but it doesn’t surprise me because whenever these chemtrails are around we always see these white orbs.

“They seem to be hovering around these objects or moving along it like this one.”

Other people suggested the object was an unmanned “ET” aircraft taking data samples.

Cigar-shaped UFO appears near plane

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A UFO described as “cigar-shaped” – similar to the description given by the American Airlines pilot – was recorded above Kansas in June 2019.

In the clip, filmed in Wichita, an amazed woman is filming a noisy passenger plane when a bright cylindrical object shoots into view.

“What in the hell is that?” she says, adding, “What in the f***?”

The strange object appeared in the sky at the same time as a plane
The strange object appeared in the sky at the same time as a plane

The mysterious footage sparked a debate on YouTube when it was uploaded by UFO Report and many believers said they had seen similar occurrences before.

“That is a good one,” one wrote.

Another said: “This is the second video I have seen of this exact one.”

Noting the loud noise of birds in the background, someone else commented: “Great footage, I wonder if the birds are going crazy.”

Plane passenger films ‘fast-moving UFO’

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Baffling footage filmed from the window seat of a passenger plane by a startled woman shows an object zipping along in the opposite direction.

Mariah Lyn was on a flight taking off from the city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania when she spotted something odd, on August 20, 2020.

“What is that?” she asks as she films.

She zooms in on the unidentified object and it appears to be silver in hue and round-shaped, as well as moving quite quickly.

This odd 'UFO' was filmed from a plane taking off from Philadelphia
This odd ‘UFO’ was filmed from a plane taking off from Philadelphia

The phenomenon was branded a “fast-moving UFO” when it was shared and discussed on social media.

“I’ve seen those many times, they can often be found hanging around clouds,” said a believer.

Someone else called it “100% authentic footage” and “moving much faster than commercial air traffic”.

Others reckoned there wouldn’t be scheduled air traffic flying apparently so close to another plane.

‘Flying saucer’ flies next to plane in Netflix doc

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A brief but explosive clip from July 2020, spotted by eagle-eyed viewers of a Netflix documentary. shows a motion-blurred object fly through the sky behind a light aircraft.

The footage, taken from the show “The Hidden Science of Everything”, shows a plane flying above San Angelo, Texas, to demonstrate how clouds make rain.

In the background, an object – again cylindrical in appearance – shoots in the right frame and darts in the opposite direction to the small plane.

A strange object appears in the background behind the light aircraft
A strange object appears in the background behind the light aircraft

Some viewers suggested the object was disc-shaped and viewed sideways and claimed it was a candidate for the classic “flying saucer”.

“Super Cool….man you have to be fast to catch some of these UFOs/UAPs,” said an impressed conspiracy theorist.

More skeptical people had mundane explanations, with one reckoning it was a “motion-blurred bird”.

Another questioned: “Could it be a camera drone flying close to the airplane?

“It’s certainly strange in any case.”

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