Alien news: Triangular ‘craft’ pictured escorting object in Orlando sky


Conspiracist MrMBB333 uploaded the baffling sight over Orlando, Florida, US, to YouTube.

In the clip, a singular boomerang shaped cloud is pictured in the purple lit sky over Orlando.

A small “orb” can be seen close to the point of the cloud.

The self-proclaimed “Earth watchman” begins to make colour and lighting adjustments in the picture in an attempt to reveal other features.

After turning the image black and white, MrMBB333 claims to see a shadow formed around the small flying object.

He said: “It’s clearly a triangle boomerang shaped object, and it’s got something up above it too that even adds a little more mystery.

“Can you see that object up there that looks like an orb?

“The boomerang craft, there’s no mistaking that.

“It’s definitely not a cloud.”

UFO: The boomerang shaped cloud was ‘escorting’ the craft, it was claimed (Pic: YOUTUBE)

The man provided another closer look into the image, stating that he can see a triangular shaped cloud around the small orb.

Since uploading the bizarre video only yesterday, a whopping 45,000 people have viewed the so-called “triangular craft”.

One viewer commented: “Very exciting times, be prepared!”

Another bizarrely commented: “Our governments must think we are stupid. We all know so why do they keep lying?”

A third conspiracist added: “The choppers are real AND they are escorting crafts of some sort. It is happening everywhere”.

Not all viewers were convinced though.

One wrote: “It’s a cloud, get over it already”.

Last week, another UFO that was pictured plunging towards the Earth left Air Force bosses stunned.

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