Alien news: NASA films UFO as big as Earth entering Sun

UFO cube Sun

The massive cube-shaped object was captured on NASA’s solar and heliospheric observatory (SOHO).

UFO expert Scot Waring is convinced it is the same “alien spaceship” which he first spotted on October 2 this year.

Waring, who runs the site UFO Sightings Daily, claimed the object is of extraterrestrial origin and the same size or possibly bigger than Earth.

The pixelated UFO appears square in shape and with a trail of smoke or gas following behind, the Express reported.


UFO: The huge cube-shaped object was filmed entering the Sun

In a YouTube video, Waring said: “This is the UFO reported two weeks ago has returned – it’s come back.

“The UFO is huge, it is square, cube shaped.

“It left the sun before carrying fragments with it and now it’s carrying fragments back, parts of the Sun back.

“This is an alien craft as big as the earth itself, end of story.

“This is indisputable evidence that aliens exist and they travel to and from our Sun at their own discretion.”

YouTube commentators were also convinced this could be an alien craft.

Some linked the UFO to the recent closure of the National Solar Observatory and a series of shutdowns in recent weeks which have affected NASA equipment.

Last week, the space agency’s Chandra X-ray observatory entered “safe mode”, while an unknown issue with the Mars Curiosity rover stopped it beaming information back to scientists.


MASSIVE: The cube-shaped UFO is said to be as ‘big as Earth’

The Hubble telescope also faced a setback after one of the gyroscopes used to point and steady it failed.

However some online theorists believe the technical problems are part of a bigger issue – potential connected to aliens or UFOs.

One YouTuber wrote: “Excellent find.

“It’s when you provide proof like this, then this is why they closed down the observatories.

“There are many many more ufo’s out there.”

Another wrote: “Everything that’s going on the last few weeks.

“This, the shutdown of certain observatories, loss of equipment in space, I saw a video of an alleged satellite takedown yesterday, what do you think is going on?”

A massive UFO appeared in live footage of the sun before the FBI dramatically shutdown the National Solar Observatory, according to a YouTube conspiracy channel.

Blazing Press claimed two objects appeared in the view of the star during footage broadcast by the Solar Dynamics Observatory, a NASA satellite observing it since 2010.

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