Alien news: Ex-US senator claims military pilots FEAR reporting UFOs

Harry Reid

Harry Reid – the former Senate Majority Leader – is lobbying former colleagues to do more to study mysterious aircraft spotted in the skies.

In an interview with KNPR, he said hundreds of people have seen them – including military personnel.

“I’m going to have a call with a member of the Senate in an hour or two where we have people in the military who want to come and tell somebody what they’ve seen,” he said.

“What we found in the past is that these pilots, when they see something strange like this, they’re prone not to report it for fear that the bosses will think something’s wrong with them and they don’t get the promotion.

“So, many, many times they don’t say a word to anybody about these strange things.”

“The facts are, they need a place to be able to report this, and that’s what I’m going to work on in a couple of hours, to make sure that somebody I think’s a powerful member in Congress, I want him to be able to sit down and talk to some of these pilots who have seen these things.”

Reid admitted he had visited the secretive Area 51 but stopped sort of saying he believed in “little green men”.

But Blake and Brett Cousins – of YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon – speculated there may be more to the story.

MYSTERY: Harry Reid claims military pilots fear reporting sightings of UFOs (Pic: GETTY/YOUTUBE)

“What I think Reid is actually doing is basically twisting the story – he knows what’s really going on,” Brett said.

“He’s actually been in Area 51 – what’s he hiding?”

Reid’s push to expose UFOs led to the New York Times to reveal a Pentagon program tasked with studying UFO sightings, in 2017.

But viewers of the YouTube video had a mixed reaction, after it was posted yesterday.


EXPOSED: The Pentagon ran program studying UFOs (Pic: SG)

“I don’t trust him,” one viewer wrote.

Another added: “There is too much evidence to deny that either UFOs or aliens don’t exist.

“It’s simply undeniable and the government just lie constantly – how could we be the only life in space when space never ends?”

And a third commented: “This has to be proof of ETs.”

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