Alien news: Bizarre ‘blue flying object’ caught on camera over London

UFO and object in London

A QUICK-THINKING cameraman caught a very strange object flying in the skies above London, fuelling rumours of alien life. 

In the clip, the cameraman is looking at a cloudy sky with a large tree in the foreground. 

But there is something hovering above it. 

As the camera zooms in, it appears to be a blue triangular object with silver ends. 

The bizarre incident took place last weekend in London. 

After grabbing the shot, the cameraman said: “I saw it fly above my head and just had time to pick up my 90x zoom camcorder to film.”

It is this zoom that enables the camera to capture the blue object. 

The clip has since been shared on YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly 2.0. 

Getty/ Mutual UFO Network

ALIEN LIFE: A blue object was seen flying above London, sparking rumours of a UFO
(Pic: Getty/ Mutual UFO Network)

“Did it just hover there? Or to outer limits”

YouTube user

And viewers have been split on what the object is. 

Some suggest it is solid evidence of alien life on Earth. 

“Great footage,” one person said. 

While another commented: “Did it just hover there?

“Or to outer limits?”

But others were not so convinced – and had their own theories about the mysterious object. 

“Looks like a toy,” a third added. 

Object in LondonMutual UFO Network

MYSTERY: Viewers of the footage were divided on whether a UFO had been spotted
(Pic: Mutual UFO Network)

And a fourth suggested: ‘“Looks like a balloon, honestly.”

This is not the first time people have had “extraterrestrial” encounters recently. 

An eyewitness was left shocked when they saw a UFO  shot down in Scotland. 

And a bizarre glowing object was spotted near the International Space Station

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